Can I plug in GPS in the ADC port?

Hello all,
Does this GPS support navio 2 and can it be plugged in ADC port in Navio 2? Also if you know, can you recommend some GPS for my navio 2 because the one from Emlid seems to falter a bit and not accurate enough.

I can’t answer on if the Navio 2 supports this GPS, but you don’t plug a GPS in the ADC port. ADC is analog to digital converter. It can be used for many purposes (such as sensors), but GPS require a communication port, such as serial (uart), canbus or other depending on the unit.

Why do you wish to plug it into the ADC port?

Thank you for your response! My UART port was broken when I tried to insert a the Telemetry module. So maybe I should find a way to insert it through USB? Or find a GPS that has a USB accessory. Also if you do know a GPS that is really accurate, will be much appreciated.

Just plug it to an USB port using a FTDI adapter, you Shoul be fine w that aa there are 4 usb ports

ok thank you for the tip! Is there any additional configuration I need to do after that?

Instead of using /dev/ttyS0 oR similar you will use /dev/ttyUSB0 instead

Hi Abdul,

Navio2 will work with this module if it provides the position in NMEA format. As was mentioned above, you can use either a UART or USB port to make it work.

That’s not common behavior for Reach receivers. Can you clarify whether you used Reach M+ or Reach M2? What was the correction source?
I believe that something could just go wrong during configurations and it should work fine if we troubleshoot it.

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