Can I get an angle and distance between base and rover?

Hi, I’m working with a team that wants to mark out subplots within a larger plot. It would be ideal for us to be able to tell when our rover reaches the right distance and angle from the last point to record another point. However, we could not find a way to find the angle between the current and the last point, only the distance.

In addition, we were working under the forest canopy and found that points taken were meters off (taken on float; we could not consistently get a “fix”). This was even though the estimated error was very low–much less than a meter.

Just stake the last point and keep walking down your line and it will tell you how far you are from the last point. Switch to collect and shoot the next one.

By angle do you mean bearing, azimuth?

Hi @fern_Wild,

I think I got what you mean. At the moment, you indeed can see the distances between points only. As I assume, you’ve checked them in the stakeout mode.

Displaying the angles in real-time sounds like a part of COGO features functionality. We have plans to implement them. But as they are pretty complex, I can hardly share the exact dates. Anyway, your +1 for this request is noted!

Estimated accuracy is the square root of the average of the squared error (RMS). It shows the variability of the solutions achieved while collecting the point, but it’s not the precision itself. To calculate precision, you need to multiply DOP by three RMS.

I’d also add that Float status means that the rover considers corrections from the base, but not all ambiguities are resolved. It’s a sub-meter accurate solution, and that’s why we recommend collecting the points with a Fix status only.

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