Can i do this with reachview?


im looking at purchasing an emlid device for several different positioning tasks, watched the survey tutorial so im happy it will do what i want there and i understood the stake out part however i wanted to ask about generating points to stake out, i would like to use the device to set out post locations for steel framed buildings so would like to be able to go to a site and survey some existing points, add a measurement or offset to them and generate a rectangular pattern of points which i can then stake out, is this something i could do in reachview or do i need third party software to do this?



Yes you will need 3 party software to do the drawing of the points you want to add . I would recommend FieldGenius from Microsurvey . They Have a windows version and andriod .… There are other programs and apps that work well to ,but my experince is only with FG and I love it.

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Hi John,

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At the moment, ReachView app supports collection and stakeout of points only. We’re planning to add more options at the future. You can find out more about surveying with ReachView app in our Survey tool guide.

As David has pointed out, for now you will need a third-party surveying app to collect other shapes or do the drawing. The following guides describing the integration with the third-party software might be interesting to you:


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