Can I broadcast corrected position from a Rover

I would like to broadcast the corrected position of the rover back to the operator. Since this is an RTK configuration, the base station broadcasts corrections to the rover and it in turn needs to broadcast its corrected position to the operator. Can I do this with a Reach RTK system? This requires that the rover has two radios, one to receive corrections from the base and a second to transmit the corrected rover position to the operator. Is anyone doing this? If so, can you share your knowledge? Maximum base to rover and rover to operator distances will probably be less than 200 m.

For sure you can do that. The question is, “What is the best way?”

This cable will connect to a Reach RS. I assume that you can hook up like this:

Reach RS base --> LoRa RTCM3 corrections --> Reach RS rover
Reach RS rover --> Reach RS cable w/corrected position output --> External radio transmitter
Radio receiver --> Laptop/computer/smartphone

Another more simple option: You may be able to use a high power WiFi router to relay from Rover to operator. No cabling except for powering the router.