Can get more then 3 sat over 45!


I have tried all kind of settings for the rover and I can’t more then 3 sats green in “Status” I have it in good location wtih clear sky. It jumps 120m in rtkplot.

please paste some screenshots from rover and base

I started to try to get a solid signal with just rover single first I don´t know if that the way to go? Now I get alot better result but don´t know if it´s good enough?

Here is with base enable

try to start with gps/glonas 1hz at base/rover/advanced settings
clear view to the sky for rover and base
metal ground plate

i dont see the grey bars of the base station…
set up correct link for it…


Here is more picture. The base is on the roff clear view.

ok! and were is your rover?

the grey bars are for the base - they look okay.

FYI, ReachView default SNR mask(minimum satellite level) is 35.

So ReachView it will be considering 8 satellites from your first screenshot and all 10 satellites from your second screenshot (and maybe more).

In your second screenshot, 6 GPS are showing and and 4 Glonass. Given enough time, the integer ambiguity could be resolved by the 6 GPS satellites, but not with only the 4 Glonass.

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I am new to this but can you explain why all this different config need to be done? Is it not possible to make a general config that is working most of the time out of the box? I have both phone and quad with GPS chipset and antenna that is worse then reach and I never get this bad jumping in position.

How can it be different position when the rover is and same place and just stopped and start?

Now it looks better but I have a question why does it go from fix to float and stay in float even if I have good signal in both base and rover?