Can Final Precise Orbit SP3 files be used in Emlid Studio?

Hello Emlid Community:

My confidence is low how to ask this question …

I have a Kinematic M2 Rover UBX file I am processing. Emlid Studio very nicely automatically does a Rinex conversion and places the “O” file in the Rover box and the “P” in the Navigation box. Thank you.

Is this P / NAV file the same information that NASA provides on their CDDIS website post processed for higher accuracy? SP3 files are provided on this website and Emlid Studio does not like these.

I am striving for the highest absolute accuracy.

Thank you for helping me understand this.


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Not sure about that site but you can find Rinex files from NGS Cors stations here. The NAV, observation, and other files are in there.

Cors Web Map: CORS Map

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Hi Joe,

Sorry for the silence here!

Reach provides ephemerides in the navigation file, but they are not precise. Still, if you have good data from the base and the rover, you can obtain centimeter-level absolute accuracy in PPK with the ‘.O’ and ‘.P’ files. For that, you need to enter the base’s accurate coordinates in Emlid Studio.

As for the precise ephemerides, they are not supported now. We received some requests about it, and I’ve added yours as +1.


Thank you for the update Kseniia. I greatly appreciate the update and my +1.

I have not yet tried Zaz5400’s great suggestion of grabbing NAV files from a a CORS station. I hope to try this over the Holiday break.

I am sure you have heard this before but my goal is to get data from Emlid Reach units as close as possible to what my colleagues measure with their Trimble units and post process with Trimble Business Center. We are using an M2 on a DJI Matrice 600 carrying a Software Defined Radar which is measuring snow depth and density. This is for determining Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) and every centimeter is important. It will give my Water measuring colleagues a warm fuzzy feeling if we can get the Radar snow surface height very close to what they measure with Trimble GPS at the surface.

Thank you again for the reply Kseniia. We love Emlid and it is great to see your constant improvements with Emlid Studio and the recent Emlid Flow app.

I hope you have a relaxing Holiday and Happy New Year.

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your kind words, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!

Just wanted to add that NAV files from base stations contain broadcast ephemerides, just as rover’s files. The ephemerides stay the same for the same satellites, so changing the NAV file to the one from the base shouldn’t make a difference.

To use precise ephemerides, you can try to process your files in RTKLib as an alternative. RTKPost provides fields for adding additional files in post-processing, including SP3.