Can download dataflash log, but can't find on SD card

I’m using the 20190227 raspbian image with ardurover 3.4.
Looking in this forum, it seems the dataflash logs should be stored in /var/APM, but no such folder exists.

I also did: find / -name “*.bin”, but nothing resembling a dataflash log showed up.

I can download dataflash logs using mavproxy (so they clearly exist somewhere), but this process is fairly slow… I’d like to just grab them with scp. anyone know where I can find them?


Hi @jeff567,

You also can download the dataflash log using MP.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva,
thanks. I’d really like to be able to just grab them with scp though… any idea where they are being stored on the rasperry pi?

Hi @jeff567,

Please check the /var/lib/ardupilot/logs folder.

You should look for .BIN files, not .bin.

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