Can DJI Matrice 300 RTK connect to Reach RS2 via LoRa?


I’m planning on use a DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone with a Reach RS2 GNSS as base station for Lidar survey.
From my understanding, the connection between the GNSS and the Matrice 300 can only be made via WiFi connection (NTRIP or local NTRIP if no service available). If there is no service available (local NTRIP), this method requires the remote to be in WiFi range to the GNSS, which may limit our flight possibility.

Therefore, I was wondering if there was any way to connect the M300 RTK to the RS2 GNSS via LoRa connection.

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DJI’s base radio is proprietary so no. The base and remote do not have to be directly connected as is the case when they are talking over the internet. You can use a simple wifi router and get a couple hundred feet apart or and amplified router and get 1000ft. When I have multi-battery flights I just move the base with me.

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I guess I will have to move the base…

Any chance I could use an USB dongle for LoRa, connected to a laptop broadcasting on the same WiFi as the remote?

I have to believe that there is a piece of equipment out there that can talk to it but have never seen anyone mention it or looked for it myself. I mean it can’t be an alien frequency and 100% proprietary system or it would be $10K just for the D-RTK 2. I could be wrong though. To me it’s just too easy to localize the base and move on. I always make sure to have checkpoints common to each flight where they tie together.


You could stick a data sim card in the RS2 and use the emlid caster service and also put another data sim in the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise mobile dongle for the M300 and use that for internet access to connect to the Emlid Caster for RTK corrections if you are too far away from the base station assuming you have sufficient mobile data coverage. You could also try a portable hotspot type of device which may have greater range than using the RS2 in hotspot mode (am assuming you are doing that) and connect both RS2 and DJI Smart Controller to it so they can communicate over wifi to one another.

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Reading throughout the thread, I’d summarize all suggestions:

  • When there’s cell coverage at the worksite, you can use an Emlid Caster to pass corrections from Reach RS2 to the remote controller. Both should have an internet connection, you can use SIM cards as @AHP suggested, or a mobile hotspot
  • When there’s no cell coverage, Local NTRIP comes in handy. The distance between the base and the remote controller is limited by the Wi-Fi range. If you need to cover large areas, you have to move the base and fly further. It’s better to place the base on the known point captured by the rover, so you can keep the measurement consistency

Even if there are such dongles, Reach devices use the proprietary LoRa protocol. So they won’t be compatible with the LoRa radio of Reach RS2.

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