Can both the "base" and remote devices be mobile?


I want to create an accurate follower robot (probably similar to rc car), however I was wondering if i could “wear” the base station, and the rc car have the second Reach device, and follow the base station? Would this retain the accurate GPS data or does the base station have to remain stationary?


The base station need to remain stationary, however you could add a third receiver working with the same base station to be your car’s target.

Hey Egor,

Thanks for the quick reply! In that case, i have two more questions:

  1. How much would accuracy be impacted the recievers (the one on the person) were to be in a backpack, at an unknown and random orientation (rather than a flat, upward facing surface)? I only need a 1-2ft accuracy anyway, doesn’t have to be down to cm

  2. Does distance from the base station matter? Could i be a few miles away and still retain accuracy? If so, what is the point of the base station?