Can anyone share experience using stop & go?

I’m going to survey the shape of a polygon along ±9 km in mountainous areas but it’s a bit open, so it’s possible that there are many factors that cause the base and rover connection to not be connected directly, is it possible to do it with STOP & Go?

Because the Baseline data in the CSV file will be blank and the base coordinates will also be (for Base coordinate data in the csv file, can it be added manually? if it is blank)

Yes. Stop and Go works without RTK.
Just record log on both base and rover and use the Stop & Go feature when you collect points.
Also be aware that in not so good condition to use some extra logging time.


thank you very much for the information

how many seconds does it take for data collection to be safe?

Hi @echoxs,

I agree with @TB_RTK, post-processing with the Stop&Go feature is indeed a solution for your work area.

Just want to add that you don’t need to rework your CSV project manually. Simply upload it with raw data logs to Emlid Studio, set the correct base coordinates there, and voila :tada:

It’s usually easier to work with an illustrative guide in front of your eyes, so you can take a look at our Stop&Go guide as well.



If there is a case: CSV Original Fix after correction turns out to be float… what after correction = float?

idealx how long does it take to collect data for good results?

I wish I could give you an exact value, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

Post-processing results depend on the quality of raw data logs: the number of observed satellites, their location, obstacles presence. So although the longer time of the observation can improve the result, it is powerless when raw data logs are poor.

However, working in PPK mode has one useful feature. You can play with post-processing settings: lower or raise the SNR and elevation masks, change the filter type. The advantage is simple: different settings - different results.


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