Can anyone covert to ellipsoid elevation?

I need ellipsoid elevation at this point please…

It sounds like you need:

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What EPSG was this captured in? Where?

St George UT. Im driving there now. Not sure on EPSG yet

I believe it’s 6672 EPSG, That’s what DD says it is. Just got to the site, any help would be great, sorry this is the last min.
This is jmason702 by the way, Michaell

the info I got is NAD83 (2011) NAVD 88 12B

Sorry, been out on a site walk. You still need it? Close, I got 6627 for NAD83(2011) Utah South (USft).

Here’s what I got for 12B.


Just to verify… Does this look close?

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Yes Perfect! Thank you so much! What do you use to covert the elevation?

Hi @mcwllc702,

You can find out the ellipsoidal height from the orthometric one with Emlid Flow:

  • Create a project in NAD83(2011) / Utah South in ftUS with NAVD88(GEOID12B) heights

  • Upload the point to the project

  • Emlid Flow will automatically calculate the geographic coordinates in NAD83(2011). These are the results I’ve got with your point:


You are Awsome, Thank you!

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