Can an RS2+ Base be set up under power poles

Will this affect anything if I set the base up under power lines? I have a clear line of site and have power at this location.


I don’t believe I would setup a station directly under a power line . There’s too much magnetic interference from the power transmission line. I would try setting your observation point out of the power line right of way at least 50’. That would pretty much eliminate any interference from the power lines.


A high-voltage power line can also significantly reduce the distance of radio (LoRa) communications. I went out to a jobsite one time because they kept reporting loss of corrections at 400-500ft and when I got there the base was directly under an HV line. I broke it down to move it and felt the static on the pole! Not good.


A friend of mine lives adjacent to a main state trunk line. He told me that once in the past, he took a fluorescent bulb and walked under the lines in the dark and the bulb slightly illuminated. :astonished:

He doesn’t glow yet, that I know of!


I’m wondering if you couldn’t try the florescent bulb near a substation. I’ve been around them and have felt static electricity in the air, especially around my head !


Thank you for the replies. I will be running NTRIP. And my power line are just single phase “lower voltage” residential lines. Not the huge high voltage lines. And I won’t be directly under them. Maybe 10 to 15 foot off to the side.

Nop, don’t do it….


Even near radio transmission towers (small, large or even 4-5G) will cause issues. Especially if you are in the direct line of the broadcast signal waves. Mobile radios will also cause interference if you are near one.

You’ll appreciate knowing the above if and when you need to post process your GNSS data.

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I doubt you’ll have any problem. One of my GNSS test sites is close to some power lines from a small hydro dam. I have literally hundreds of days of data from all kinds of GNSS equipment with absolutely no issues. Sure there’s a magnetic field which causes a compass to point 12 degrees off magnetic north, but the GNSS equipment doesn’t care.

As always for a base you will use repeatedly you should do a few tests, but power lines? At least your typical smaller to medium size stuff should not be a problem.


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