Can a M2 get correction input via TCP by connecting to a RS2's hotspot and IP?

I am trying to get an M2 to receive a correction input from a RS2. I would like this to be independent of an external network so I want to use the RS2’s internal network to publish the TCP packets. So far I am able to connect the M2 to the RS2 hotspot and have the RS2 Base mode set to TCP on the localhost. However, when I set the M2 to that host ( I do not see a connection.

Is this system a correct setup that should work and if so am I missing something to get it working?

That kind of setup should work, but you will be limited by the short range of the Wi-Fi signal.

Hi @ephillips,

The setup you’ve described should work well.

Please check that your configurations are the same as on the screenshots.

And as @bide mentioned above, this setup has a limited range between base and rover. During our test, we could achieve approximately 7 meters maximum baseline.

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Hey all,

I rechecked that the server, client, and IP were correct and it worked this time around. Thanks for the confirmation that the setup would work!