Camera Triggering with m2 on dji

Im looking to purchase a reach M2 and base station with sony r10C. Im wanting to know if the reach module can trigger to the camera to take photos, and if it can how it does so? is it set to a time interval? Im wanting to mount the M2 on my Matrice 200 as an independant camera system for mapping.

Hello @ctfdoman ,
Reach M2 is able to trigger cameras as well as register events. In ReachView App, in camera control settings you can set the necessary parameters for triggering your camera.
You connect your Reach Module to a camera with hot shoe adapter using 5-pin JST-GH cable.
For more information please see the link:

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Sviatoslav Pavlov

i see that the settings for period and duty cycle. im assuming its a timmed trigger. can you answer this for me

What is duty cycle? im not finding a lot of supporting documentation on what this setting is or how it works.

Hi Nathan,

For camera triggering usually autopilot is used. Reach’s role is to record precise time of each shot.

Keep in mind that even if your entire flight will be in rtk fixed you will not have a log of all the shots. You will have to post process log files downloaded from the unit.
M2 will NOT log plain position and time of your shots in clear to download.

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