Camera triggering with Emlid Edge doesnt´ works

Hello together.
i wanna trigger the camera from the Emlid Edge module, but every try doesn´t works:
I´ve configured in the Qcontrol Software the Emlid port no. 11 for camera triggering.
This output i set to servo and not relay, than i connect an PWM-Shutter module.
But without succes. When i connect this module direct on the Futaba Receiver it works properly.
Than i install a digital servo PWM monitor to the output 11, defined as camera trigger and no signal.
A connected multimeter on the red and white wire shows 0 Volt. Here must be 5 Volt.
Also on my remote controller i set an switch routed to channel 11, but no function, no triggering.
Also i tested the function “camera trigger” in the QControl Software, no function.
What can i do now?
Many thanks for help in advance!

@rcdevil, as it’s the same question as in your thread, I’ll close it and answer the question there.