Camera trigger with Edge and Reach M+

Hello everybody,

I am a beginner and I have a copter built up with Emlid Edge and a Reach M + module.
I have the following questions:

  1. I would like to use the Reach M + module without base station to record the camera events. To trigger the camera, does the camera trigger function suffice directly from the Edge Flight Controller or does the camera need to be triggered by the Reach M + module?
    Is the HSA adapter needed to capture the events of the camera during the flight, or is the HSA adapter needed as a trigger? What can i do when my camera doesn´t have a HSA Adaptor, like the Sony A5100? Do i need a camera with Hot Shoe Connector?
  2. I have on the channel port no. 10 from the Edge module, the camera is connected to a PWM shutter module, but the camera does not fire. I have the port 10 defined as Camera Trigger and set the port as a PWM output in the QControl software, but does not work.
    Then I defined the port 10 as a relay port and connected the trigger cable directly without the PWM shutter module, but it does not work either. Do I need a relay or TTL module?
  3. Where can i find the setting for the reach View App, when i´m using the reach M+ module without the Reach RS Base station?
    Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @rcdevil,

Since you sent a message with the same questions to Emlid support email, I answered you there.
In case you’ve any questions, feel free to ask in this thread.


To integrate Reach M+ with a camera it needs to have a hot shoe. Reach hot shoe adapter is used for saving events only and not triggering.
As for triggering you can just configure time lapse on your camera. In that case, there’s no need in any separate cables.
If you want to trigger the camera from Reach, it requires creating a separate cable for the camera depending on its model.
Reach M+ pinout scheme might be useful for you. You should use C1 Trigger1 (4) pin to trigger a camera and C1 Time mark1 (2) pin for saving time marks. Please also connect GND pin of Reach to GND camera pin.

However, I can’t guarantee that it’ll work the right way.

Do you want to work in PPK mode?

Hello Andrew, thanks for your reply.
i wanna trigger the camera from the Emlid Edge module, but every try doesn´t works:
I´ve configured in the Qcontrol Software the Emlid port no. 11 for camera triggering.
This output i set to servo and not relay, than i connect an PWM-Shutter module.
But without succes. When i connect this module direct on the Futaba Receiver it works properly.
Than i install a digital servo PWM monitor to the output 11, defined as camera trigger and no signal.
A connected multimeter on the red and white wire shows 0 Volt. Here must be 5 Volt.
Also on my remote controller i set an switch routed to channel 11, but no function, no triggering.
Also i tested the function “camera trigger” in the QControl Software, no function.
What can i do now.
Many thanks for help in advance!

@rcdevil, can you share a hardware setup scheme photo, please?
How do you power servo rail?

Hello Andrew, i´ve connected teh PWM-Shutter module directly to port 11. What do mean with "how do you power servo rail?

If you want to control something other than Esc from the Edge, you have to power it. Edge do not supply power to servo rail. You need to plug a BEC (5v, some Amp) onto rail in order to use your Shutter module.

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Thank you Marc,
you mean i must power separately the shutter module with 5V BEC or the Edge module?
Thank you very much.

You have to supply power with a Bec (5V) to the Edge (Servo Rail).

Servo_Power and Ground

If all your PWM out or sBus Out are used, you can use an Y plug


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thank you Marc!
if i understood right, i can connect a 5V power BEC source directly here on the pins of the EDGE?
like this diagram on this picture?

It is the way to do it :smile:

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i´ve made this BEC power rail, but it doesn´t works…
i´m speechless, don´t know what i must do, all the settings i´ve made in Qgroundcontrol, but no PWM-Signal coming into the PWM module to trigger the camera.

qcservo4 qcservo5
I hope that somebody can help.

Hello Andrew,

i have connected a 5Volt BEC on the port 12, the power rail of the EDGE controller.
But without any success, the PWM shutter doesn´t works. I tested it also with a digital Servo Controller device, no PWM Signal on port 11.
I don´t know what i must do further…

qcservo4 qcservo5

There are some points to check.

  • Can you share what camera shutter you use. Settings are different from one to the other.

  • Is the camera shutter working when connected directly to a receiver. If “yes”, what is the R/C Tx PWM out value on that channel? Off and On.

I will set the option on my Edge ( following the wiki and the shutter manual) and compare with your screens.


Did some work. Shutter settings are for SkySight Mono. Hold PWM is 1500, Trigger with autofocus PWM is 1700.

Channel In is set to Channel 7 (default with ardupilot). You can set it to 11 according to your need.

PWM Min and Max are in the range (1000-1100…1900-2000). If your RC out PWM is not in the range (as 1800), it will not activate the shutter.

Shutter is on Edge 10 Out,

Cam settings are:

with Cam servo Off and On like needed,

And the result:

RC in is Red, Out is Green.

Trigger can be activated by QGroundControl (first 3 green at 1700) or RC (red and green).


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hi Marc,
my shutter works properly direct on a receiver, it´s a shutter from flytron.
The measured value from RX on trigger high is 1937 us.
My PWM output on is aprox. the same, but no function.
When i connect the PWM digital tester on my RX, i get 1937, on the EDGE it doesn´t show nothing.
I´m really not know what i can do now.

where can i see this value graph, is that a function in QGroundcontrol?
What did you mean exactly with: "trigger ca be activated by QGroundcontrol?
Thank you very much!


You have to rely on Mission planner/dataflash/review a log


Your servo11 function is set as “release”; it should be camera_trigger

If it help?

i know this function, but no trigger.
But i have good news: accidentally i found in the menue Parameter, the entry
“servo10_function” was setted to disabled, i set it as camera trigger and now it works.
Thank you very much for yo

ur help replies!