Camera recommendation for quadcopter

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone found decent cameras for navio 2 on a quadcopter. Especially ones for gimbals. From what I understand, most gimbals need a GoPro. Any recommendations?

It is really the other way around, I’d say. You build your drone around the camera you need to carry :slight_smile:

Otherwise you just a camera that works for your purpose and drone

I see, so if I was going to get a camera for my drone, any ideas?

There is nothing wrong with starting with a GoPro. It is something that is popular and that you could easily sell if you decide to get something else. Sometimes you just have to try something and learn the limitations of it before you know what features you want and don’t want.

For example, if you are mapping, are you OK with a wide angle lens that has barrel distortion? Of if you are going to rely on FPV, are you OK with a narrow lens angle where you can’t see much to the sides?

The questions can go on forever about megapixels, shutter speed, picture quality, hotshoe, trigger type, integratation with other hardware, live video output, etc, etc.

so i was thinking of a more cinematic camera, nothing crazy like 4k 60fps, but something that would have a decent video quality. Also I am not sure what camera there are for a drone. So far i understand there are go pros and fpv cameras like runcam. Keep in mind my drone cant lift anything like and dslr so i really dont know what choices i have.

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