Camera integration update?

Any updates to goetagging? I’ve setup all our photogrammetry units with hot shoes adapters with 1kohm resistors across a 5v input and gound. Setup the cam polling in arducopter 3.4 to record digital low. Works perfect with the pixhawk’s gps. Now hot to integrate this with the Reach. I assume running in RTK and selecting the Reach GPS, it should work fine. But wouldn’t you get better accuracy post processing? In that case you’d need to hook the hot shoe trigger to the Reach and not the Pixhawk. But now you can’t use the geotag function in Mission planner. Ideas?

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We really need to improve docs on this, but the connection is very simple. Just connect the hotshoe wire to the event mark input on Reach and connect the grounds together. The connector pinout is here:

After that you can post process with our build of RTKLIB available here. It will output second solution file that contains interpolated coordinates. After that you can geotag pictures using any software that accepts a list of coordinates as input.

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I need some guidance here, when you write: " After that you can geotag pictures using any software that accepts a list of coordinates as input."

I am trying to understand this comment you wrote. Do you assume that the camera taking the images has the ability to record the timestamp on my photos down to millisecond precision? Is that a requirement?

I see other comments about using a Canon camera + CHDK, or a Sony A6300, and I am wondering if they are successful because they do (somehow) record their image timestamp down to the millisecond precision.

I am currently using a Samsung NX-500, and I can set the camera time to the second. Is that accurate enough to be used with the Reach logs?


Hey firefly,

The auto pilot and the Reach will take care of the millisecond timing. The camera sends an event through the hotshoe that the reach will match to an exact coordinate. Cameras using CHDK often do not have a hotshoe and the precision that you will get this the reach setup. The CHDK is mostly a hack to allow the camera to accept interval triggers from the auto.


How do you sync pictures with the log? You sync the first picture with the first log entry?
APM:Plane provides inclination log too so it would be nice to interface the autopilot too