Camera control in Emlid Flow

Today I updated my m2 module to version 30 and I have a specific issue with it. The module is working fine, the new interface is the problem. I use the m2 module to perform PPK photogrametry with a phantom 4 pro. I use to check the recording of events in the camera control of the Emlid flow android app. After updating my module I am no longer to find such an option. I wonder if this option exists on the new app interface.
I would appreciate any hint. Thanks before hand

Hi Gerardo,

Indeed, we reworked this interface part in the latest 30 stable firmware.

Now, it’s not possible to change polarity and time interval, but you can still check if the receiver logs time marks properly. This tab shows the latest recorded time mark.

Sorry to ask, but where I can find the tab you mention?

Thanks in advance

Hi Gerardo,

Here you go:


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