Calibration with APM impossible

I’m getting really frustrated because I can’t calibrate anything with APM Planner.
I have connected it via tcp,udp,radio, it keeps shutting down and giving me the same message about either the compass or the compass. I have run the Navio example, it works perfectly. Also re installed APM binaries. Any help would be much appreciated, my deadline for the master project is next week :confused:

Is it saying that the compass isn’t calibrated? That type of warning? If so you, you can go into the parameters list and turn off the pre-arm checks.

Yeah it says “PANIC: failed to take spisem 100 times in a row, in AP_Compass_AK8963::_update” .
I’ll check that thanks !

Oh, I don’t think that is the error I was thinking of… sorry.

Do you get lots of “???” and “///” etc when connecting to APM from the sudo command ?

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by connecting to APM from the sudo command.

As in : sudo ArduPlane -A …

Are you using standard raspbian or the emlid RT image?

emlid RT