Calibration for multiple Navio2 boards

Does anyone have experience with using the same calibration data for several Navio boards? For instance, if there are 10 identical drones with Navio boards mounted in precisely the same fashion, would it be possible to perform (ArduCopter) calibration on one frame, and simply copy the values to all other frames? Specifically I’m talking about IMU/magnetic calibration…

I never tried this, but I doubt it will work.
Even with the highest precision there will be productions tolerances in the sensors etc.
A good way to find out if it has a chance to work, is to calibrate two boards with all the hardware that will be used on the drone.
Then compare the results.

Definitely worth a controlled experiment, I think. In my final application, we could have close to 100 frames that would all require calibration. Even with a gimbal arrangement to lock the frame into left, right, forward, back etc. orientation and a method to calibrate the magnetometer, it’s still quite an overhead. It does make me wonder if off the shelf drones that use similar sensors are individually calibrated in the factory.

I’ll do some experiments over the next few weeks and report back.