Calibrating ESC with APM and no RC

Good day all,
I have read all the posts I can find on calibrating the ESC using a joystick with Mission planner and the manual calibration using the parameter list.
I am using the 450mm build exactly without the RC.

I have connected tried calibrating with both 4 to 1 th Hub to pin set 4 and without
I have connected a logic analyzer to pin 1 of set 4 to listen for a signal and do not see any signal at all coming across

I have tried using the JC at max before and after starting ArduCopter-quad -A… if I do the joystick max before the LED rotates through 3 colors. but results are the same.

the motors are the ones that seem to keep beeping not the qbrain. not sure if this is correct or not. the beep in sequence. I have yet to get it to a point where I hear the 4 beeps as they do in the calibration video shown on the 450mm project page.

Please help I am getting very frustrated and running low on ideas.

The video is below. yes yes, I broke my power supply port. (I’m not getting current logging either. I am not having a good time)!11196&authkey=!ANwRBjswxVNfG7k&ithint=video%2CMOV



Kristopher here’s the drill: (mind you I use RC to cal and setup then disconnect to use joystick, so this may not be the same for you)

I’ve used the hub before however don’t get caught up on it. Plug in your ESC’s as you would for flight.

Step 1: With Aircraft unplugged, power up joystick or rc and take joystick or rc to full throttle.
Step 2: Add power to aircraft, once booted lights on Navio will cycle blue, green and red. The lights flashing will denote its in esc cal mode.
Step 3: With rc or joystick still at full throttle and on- remove power from the aircraft.
Step 4: Add power back to aircraft with throttle still at full and joystick/ rc on. The lights should still shuffle red, blue and green.
Step 5: Dependent on which ESC’s you use (brain) you should hear a couple beeps and once it stops take throttle to min and a note will ring.
Step 6: Once the final note rings take throttle back up slowly and motors should engage. If they do, take throttle back down and remove power- this will save settings.
Step 7: Add power back to the aircraft with the joystick/ rc at min throttle and your lights will go back to normal.

That should be all, unless your ESC’s have different setup procedures like setting the battery size through the cal procedures. I run 20 amp v2s and they require taking them to full throttle 2x and listening for the cell count- in my case six beeps then reduce throttle to min before they engage.

Good luck