Calibrating Altitude?

I’m wondering if I’m missing a step for altitude. I’ve having fluctuations with the altitude that makes flight plans and other modes that use altitude a little nerve wracking.

For instance, it was working well during an automated flight, the the drone started dropping, fairly rapidly. I looked at the screen and saw it was getting a report of 60 feet altitude when it was supposed to be at 30 feet. Since it was already at 30 feet, it was dropping to get to its expected 30 feet, but met the ground instead.

Am I missing a step?

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I don’t think that you are missing anything. The altitude holding uses barometer that is vulnerable to the environment, UV and most importantly downwash from the prop and pressure. It is more common in low altitude hovering and perhaps in windy weather.

Cover the top of the Navio board with a piece of open cell foam. It is often used in packaging small/electronic items. If you can breath through it, it is open cell foam.