Calculating Offsets

Have used a total station with data collector in the past to take shots and calculate offsets on directional drills and creek lowering of pipelines and the accuracy is unbeatable, and I’ve set up and resected in on control points set with the RS2s to be in state plane coordinates. The other day I finally got on something small where I could trust breaking out the RS2s to do everything from taking the shots to staking out ditch lines.
In a site like this, the mud makes using a total station a pain, but the RS2 made it a snap!
I took the shots, connected to the Ranger 3 running Carlson SurvPC then export to Survey Pro which I’m used to doing all my calculations and point projections in. I then imported that data back in to stake out what little ditch needed excavated.
Beings it was small pipe, I didn’t have to worry about my accuracy being spot on, but afterwards I checked and the accuracy would allow me to confidently do 36" fabrication. (I take a series of shots to validate the points)
After everything was calculated and new points set for the center of the fittings, I use Sketchup to create 3D models and give the files to the welders and foreman, in addition to the isometric fab drawings, so there’s no question on how to build it.


Thanks for sharing.
Your photos bring the experience to life.

Hi @rfreedii,

Thanks for coming back to the forum with such a cool project! I really hope surveying with Reach helps you to quicken work on the site :slight_smile:


As far as I know I’m the only bending engineer in the pipeline construction industry that’s utilizing GNSS for taking shots. I have another working close with me that also uses a total station (which is rare) but he’s looking to purchase the RS2 setup this winter.
I have a couple of spreadsheets built to automatically calculate inverses and angles from points shot and might, in the future, roll something out to others in the industry and hopefully build more interest.


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