Calculate azimuth and distance between rover and base

I’m trying to calculate azimuth and distance between Rover and Base. These are my first steps in this area. I’ve bought Reach RTK kit and followed this tutorial Bluetooth output and Android mock location

I wrote simple Android app to send corrections from Base to Rover via bluetooth. Now I’m receiving NMEA output from Rover via bluetooth. To calculate azimuth and distance I need two points. I see that in ReachView on my Rover I already have Base position.

So basically what should be my approach? Can I get Base position from Rover? Maybe data I’m looking for are already there? I would like to make calculations in real time.

I really appreciate any help you can provide


If I may ask, what is the purpose of sending the corrections like this? Why can’t base and rover communicate directly?

What do you mean by direct communication? I have tried to send corrections directly via bluetooth between base and rover but I always get Recv error(111). I’ve read docs here Correction input and the easiest solution (for my current knowledge :blush:) was to “…use your phone to pass NTRIP corrections via Bluetooth to Reach”. I can’t use LoRa since I don’t have Reach RS.

Distance between base and rover are shown in reachview when connected to each other. Set up your base at a location, then use the rovers hotspot and connect to your phone. You could take a screen shot of the distance.

What other distance are you looking for? Or a more precise distance?

If you can use the open source software library geographiclib, it can give you azimuth and distance from two WGS84 coordinates.

However, it calculates directly on the WGS84 ellipsoid (approximately sea level), without any consideration for altitude. The error in distance will be very minor unless you are at an altitude far from sea level.

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Reaches don’t support passing corrections between each other via BT. We don’t even have a tested workflow for this. If you want to perform tests, Wi-Fi/TCP is the best choice. For baselines more than 50 meters, you need to look for some external hardware.

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