CAD file for M+ housing?

Hi all and merry christmas

Is there maybe any chance to get the 3d model files of the M+ housing as a CAD file?
I saw the .step file in the specification site. But I would need the bottom and top cases separately.

We have ordered some M+ now and would like to build in the MCX -> SMA connector like we did here with the old reach RTK.


Hi @goamberg,

Unfortunately, we’ve only .step and .stl files in this repo.
However, I assume that they somehow can be converted in your CAD format.

You can try to bring the STL into Blender and then export it as a DXF. Let me know if you have trouble and I would be happy to help of just draft it in CAD.

Conversion to any Cad file is no problem, but many thanks for the offer :wink:

I saw that Repo and the file for the M+. Its just, that the insides are missing in this file. There is only the outer hull and things you see from the outside (like IO).

I guess I have to start from scratch and measure/draw the PCB and work around from there…no problem, but would have been a time saver :wink:


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