Cable that connect Reach m2 to lora radio

Looking at finding out how to replace cable that connects Lora radio to M2

Hi @Jasonlabrosse79,

For connecting the LoRa module to Reach M2, we use 1.25mm pitch JST-GH 7pin connector. Reach M2’s S1 port is SM06B-GHS-TB and its corresponding connector is GHR-06V-S.

Thank you for your help, where would I be able to source cables, and connectors for this? I have tried Digi-key but they have lost my order three times already.



Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delayed response!

I’m afraid we can’t recommend any specific stores. It should be possible to find such connectors in the electronics shops near you.

Thanks for the connector numbers Polina.
The supplied connector cable with my Reach M2 is quite short. I would like to make up a cable that is up to about 1.5m long as I want to mount the LoRa aerial as high on my machine as possible to maintain range. The GNSS antenna needs to be in a fixed position on my machine. Another option would be to use a longer GNSS antenna aerial cable, but I suspect that will cause bigger problems with GNSS signal attenuation.

Will this cause any problems?
Should I use a shielded cable?

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Hi Rodney,

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You can prolong the GNSS antenna for Reach M2 with this extension cable. The reception should not be hindered.

Usually, it’s better not to add any cables to prolong the LoRa antenna as a long cable can affect the signal reception negatively. However, we haven’t run specific tests on it. Hopefully, our users would share their experience with you.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will go for the extended GNSS cable. It also makes the physical arrangement of the components on my machine better.

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