Building Source Code on Windows 10 with Bash on Ubuntu & IDE


Two Questions:

  1. Does anybody build source code on Windows 10 with Bash on Ubuntu? Does it work well? Is it worth well to use this method?
  2. I plan to corporate Lidar into Ardupilot in my project. Is it necessary to use any IDE (such as Eclipse) to edit, compile, and debug? Does Emild Team use Eclipse for programing Navio2 or not?

Could anybody please share your experience on these two questions?



Hello there!

It should work out of the box but we haven’t used Windows for this purpose in really long time. So I guess you’ll be better off trying this out yourself or referring to common ArduPilot docs as there’s almost nothing Navio specific at that point. Take into account that ArduPilot uses WAF instead of more common CMake or Make.

We do most of our development in either Vim or QtCreator on Linux.

It’s not necessary at all. But if you plan to do serious debugging and programming, gdbserver on Raspbery Pi + IDE might make you more productive. YMMV, of course.

Could you please provide more information about it? Are you sure it’s not already supported?

Thanks. I plan to use Leddar which can be got from, This is a relative new product. So I have to do some programming. Based on the feedback, I may choose QtCreator + gdbserver (on RPI 3). There is too much information to go through. Right now I am reading . I am new to Waf and Qt Creator and have no idea about where to go. What else I should do if following this path? Could you provide any suggestion?