Building (or updating) kernel image+firmware for Rpi3 to address wifi issues

I’m currently running the image emlid-raspbian-20170922.img on a RPI3B. If the device is powered on but wifi doesn’t connect at boot, as soon as it associates to WiFi the device hangs and everything dies. Likewise, if the device is powered on and wifi does connect at boot, it’s fine. The issue appears to be discussed at and newer firmwares appear to solve the problem (as does using a 3B+ or a different driver). If i run rpi-update it removes all the required overlays.

What are the necessary components to build to generate the overlays and their device trees? Is it just rcio and navio_rgb? Alternatively, I could give pi-gen-navio a go…

Thanks in advance. I’d like to avoid any rabbit holes if possible.


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