Building my own RTK for land Survey 90% in progress

This is my 2nd build, using helix antenna.
i would like to thanks emlid for the affortable RTK module, yet, reliable in positioning, this is a blessing.


Will this be mounted on the side of the bipod ? I don’t see a mount point for the antenna. Pretty good design I think !

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Looks like the cover is still in progress with helical antenna mounted to top?

Good job! Those Ender 3 V2’s are great! Gives Prusa’s a run for their money. Hopefully you printed using ASA!!! (HEAT & UV stable) gray, light gray or white better for outdoors… that black will suck the heat.

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The top cover and main cover still in progress


ASA? will think of it… im planning to try PETG filament, heard its good for outdoor


ASA and ABS have a much higher melting point. (ASA easier to print than ABS and best UV longevity of them all) PLA & PLA+ will get soft outside in the sun and warp. PETG is strong too but has a lower melting point also. Either way, just give it a run and see how it does for you, may be fine for you. But definitely look into ASA if you find problems later… it’s a great outdoor longevity filament. Obviously Nylon is also the best for high heat and durability, but you need a high temp nozzle beyond stock to print with it. Then you obviously have polycarbonates etc… you’ll need non-stock nozzles etc for that.

Just suggestions… great job! ; )

PolyLite™ ASA - Polymaker US
PolyMide™ CoPA - Polymaker US

thank you for thw info. i look forward for that.
anyways ive done printing, i temporarily use tape to put it together, just to test


Please let us know if you might be providing the model files for public use and modification? ; )

Personally, too bad you couldn’t sell them to profit from your hard work, but seems people would just bootleg the files easily these days anyways?

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I’d buy one if there was a 5/8 x 11" mount for my Harxon GPS 500 antennas. There could be a mount point for the antenna cables from the M2 box to the antenna. Great design Joseph !

I’m impressed with the design. I’ve always wanted to try 3D printing, along with a multitude of other things. Not enough time in a day. The older you get, the faster time passes by !


for now im still improving the looks, learning 3d in autocad. by the way soon will try to extend the range of radio up to 10km using external radio pin in S1 as serial 25w pair in 2w, i had trouble using NTRIP in area where no network available which i have to cover 2000 hectares, i have to be innovative. i will incorporate my design with Rs232 port.