Building for NAVIO2 on RPi3

According to documentation, it is possible to build Arudpilot on RPi 3.

Does this mean that It is possible to build and run Ardupilot on an RPI+NAVIO2? If that is the case then why does installer image form Emlid has patched kernel?

I am keen to build and run Ardupilot on latest Raspbian stretch image.



You missed a sentence in the instructions:

These instructions assume the RPi3 has already been setup according to the manufacturer’s (i.e. Emlid’s) instructions here.

You need a realtime optimized kernel to run Ardupilot on the Raspberry Pi at least for Arducopter and Arduplane.


Thanks @schuermannsebastian

Now my curiosity rises further and more question follows: stuck_out_tongue:

I understand the requirement for RTLinux kernel. Especially for Copter and Plane. My use case is Rover though in this case.

So, I am now thinking.

a. For a rover, can I choose to not use RT kernel and build APM for rover usage on my RPI3+NAVIO? Will it work?

b. For a copter + plane, If I feel adventurous enough, can I take my own RTLinux and build APM on it.

I know you are thinking why going to such lengths? It is about having control. We are embarking on a substantial robotics project where I am looking into using NAVIO2. But I had already got bitten with things not installing because of underlying customisations.

It is OK as long as we have sufficient understanding and control over the underlying system. Generally speaking, We shouldn’t and won’t (at this stage) rely on Emlid release/support schedule.

I have already an observation that NAVIO2 might not be an active product.

Hence, I am exploring, how independent we can be.

Thanks again for your reply.

I remember running Ardurover on a vanilla raspbian jessie image some time ago. Ardurover does not need fast stabilization calculations, so it worked alright. I did this with a Navio+ and I do not know if the Navio2 needs further changes to support the RCIO chip.

Active is the status: Emlid may not release updated images but you can install custom firmware (already compiled) from this page:

Rover latest


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