Building Emlid Navio2 on Raspberry

I’m trying to build Emlid Navio2 on Raspberry Pi3…Instead of using Emlid Navio2 ,i’m trying to build the exact navio2 board on raspberry pi.I connected externally Mpu9250,GPS Neo-6M…everything worked perfectly…Navio2 board has got 14 Pwm Pins…so i connected externally PCA9685 chip for accessing PWM Pins…But problem is that Navio2 board pwm pin has defined as “/dev/pwm_output0”,so i have to change to externally connected PCA9685 pwm pins…how can we access them??
Please give some suggestions???

Hi Gokul,

Sorry for the delayed answer.

PWM pins integration with RPi is held by the Navio2’s source code. The source code doesn’t have open access. Open repositories of Navio2 and the online docs contain all information that we can provide you with.

So I cannot integerate pca9685 externally to access the pwm pins so that motor and Esc connections can be made to the pwm pins

Hi Gokul,

Navio2’s PWM is managed by RCIO code which is not open-source so there’s no possibility to get access to it.

Let me add to my previous answer that you still can build a custom Raspbian image for Navio2 using pi-gen tool accordingly. Also, you can find our kernel source code and the instructions for its compilation here.

i have a doubt…pca9685 chip is used in navio board…pca9685 is an i2c board…where does the i2c pins connected…i couldnt find any pins on the Raspberry Pi related to pca9685

Just to get that straight: You are trying to get information/help to copy a commercial product from the guys who developed said product? Bold move!

Do you have any STM32 hardware connection map with RPI??

Hi Gokul,

I can’t provide you with the STM32 hardware connection scheme as such details are not open access. As I’ve mentioned earlier, all the available information you can find in Navio2’s docs section.

I’d like to note that Navio2 is a commercial product, which is why some of its software or hardware specifics are not publicly opened.

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