Building Custom Android Kernel for Raspberry Pi + Navio2

how to make custom Android kernel for raspberry pi work with navio 2

Hi @hatemahmoudi,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I’d recommend using pi-gen tool to build your custom Navio2 image.

Our kernel source code might be useful as well.

first, thank u for the importance u have given to my subject , but in my case , with
the Android kernel different a bit than normal Linux.
so i have applied the rcio patch for my kernel with some modifications in the “bcm2709_navio2_defconfig”(CONFIG_VMSPLIT_2G=m ,CONFIG_I2C_BCM2708=y,CONFIG_I2C_BCM2835=y,CONFIG_I2C_GPIO=y,CONFIG_DRM=y, CONFIG_DRM_VC4=y) then i integrated the RCIO kernel module source code into my kernel code base and the build has been completed successfully , but the problem when i lunch the arducopter i get this big “LinuxPWM_Sysfs:Unable to open file /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip0/pwm0/duty_cycle: No such file or directory”

Hi @hatemahmoudi,

I’m afraid I barely can help you compile the Android kernel. At the moment, we only provide the Buster Raspbian image.

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