Building an Autonomous Quadcopter

For our university project we want to build a quadcopter. It needs to be able to fly relatively straight and land on a pad so we were thinking of using the Pi B2 with the Navio+ board, and use OpenCV to process images to help us position the drone. Our drone also needs to be as low power as possible.

Project might seem crazy and we are taking a bit of a risk here, but we love the idea of a challenge.

Adding to this we have about 4 weeks till university starts and currently all we have is the Navio+ board and a Pi B 2 (as well as a Pi Zero and B+ which I’ve been told we won’t really be able to use)

Does anyone have any recommendations for parts, control software e.c.t.? Being a student I can probably afford to spend another $300NZD (~$200USD) maybe more if I absolutely have to.

Daniel, I suggest that you read through our forum, there have been similar questions to yours. A good question to ask after might be “I have selected these parts (list)… please help me spot any potential issues”