Building a quadcopter using a Raspberry Pi 2 and Navio 2

I’m currently trying to make a quadcopter using a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and and a Navio2. I found these two instructables:, and then wanted to somehow combine the two such that the Navio 2 (In the second one) works in the place of the MultiWii (in the first one), while I can also use the android app (in the first one) to work in the second one, I’m very new to drones and also went through many other pages, but it confused me even more. I thought of buying all the parts only when I have an entire foundation on how everything I’m going to do, so I’m trying to plan the steps. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @arshsverma,

Thanks for your patience!

Would you mind specifying what explicitly you’d like to take from each tutorial? We haven’t tested the MultiWii setup. However, as I understand, the MultiWii source code is mostly suitable for Arduino boards, so it’ll probably require some additional changes in the code to get it working on Navio2.

Also, I’d like to add that Step-by-step Guidance is a great guide to start with, so maybe it’s better to try following it for the first time.

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