Building a Drone

I am building a drone for my university project. Since I am building this for the first time I have done a lot of research on the net and even read the brief notes given by Emlid but still don’ t understand how to use Navio + the right way, kind of confused. Could someone please send me the parts required and the instructions of building it. If you can send me pics along with the instructions would be really helpful.


Is there absolutely need to build a drone from the scratch? There re a lot of good drone kits available, i.e. dji f450 (frame + motors + esc + propellers + wiring + build plans), tarot-rc kits, hobbyking kits (probably the cheapest ones). Building from the kit (not from the scratch) is also amazing. Normally any of this kits can fly with Navio.

Thanks for the reply seaowl,
But I want to try something new, as I bought a new Raspberry Pi thought I would use it for this project.
If you could include the parts required it would be more than enough. Then I can figure it out in some way but the only problem would be the ESC.