BUG - RTKPOST handles events poorly when multiple files are processed after each other

BUG Report-

Firmware image - Latest and ReachView version. -Latest

I collected several Points using the emlid reach as a rover. The Base was turned ON for the entire duration. I then proceeded to post-process the rover points in static mode. The output .pos and _events.pos were created for the first file. I then proceeded to do the same for the remaining files. THe events.pos file is generated for the next file with the ‘events.pos’ part being repeated with each iteration. After about 15 files, RTKPOST throws up this error -

The output folder looks like this -

The Fix I found was to close RTKPOST and open it again. But this bug occurs again after 15 files.

RTKpost generates new. Pos file for everytime you hit execute. Delete the one you don’t use.

Are you talking about the events pos file? Cause. The .pos files i’ve generated are for different locations/observations. the events.pos for each observation should have been named raw_123456789_events.pos . The bug is that the events.pos is being added ‘n’ times to the end of the file name every 'n’th iteration

Yes. The event ones. Even thoug I have no events.
It add another event name ending for each executed processing. But yeah, bug it is.
For it to stop crashing, (multiple event naming) it need to be renamed, deleted or moved.

I reported this bug a while ago. It is quite a bit frustrating, when you do multiple processing one after the other (lets say testing fix and hold vs. continuous) and you cannot apply a general processing scheme (python, matlab etc.) afterwards, but you have to rename your files one after another.

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