Bug Report? - RINEX raw data stuck "Processing... 0%"

Updated a Reach M+ to FW 2.18.0. Now when logging to RINEX 3.02 format the logs never appear for download. The just appear as “Processing… 0%” and all RINEX logs have been stuck at 0% for days. The UBX logs are fine. Anyone else had this?

I have had this (quiet a while back) Reach RS+ internal processing to RINEX 2.11 stuck at 99% - #17 and have noted it a few times since then.

The way that I got around this was to SSH into the Emlid and use SCP to copy down the logs. Not sure if that will help you.

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Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the advice. I can still get to the UBX and convert to RINEX so I’m good getting the data. But I’m curious to see if there is a solution, or this is a new widespread bug.

If you stop logs manually or turn off the device with the power button in the app, there’s no issue at all.
If you power off device by unplugging the power cable, I can confirm that there’s an issue with saving RINEX logs.
As you mentioned, there’s no issue with UBX logs.

Thanks for sharing, @wsurvey.
We’ll fix it in the future versions of ReachView.

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