Bug report - Quickly accept collection


We have found this one to be a little annoying. If you accidentally start logging a point, but then hit accept the point really quickly, it will (most of the time) save the point at 0,0,0 Then when you go back to the map view. You are usually seeing the entire world rather than the area that you have been picking up.


In survey did you assign rules? (30 second fix etc…)

Yes I did, you can still always press accept before the timer is finished autocollecting.

Hi @ashley.walker,

What’s the ReachView version on you device?

If I assign a rule and quickly save I have noticed strange behavior on occasion. I do not notice when no rule is assigned.

Hey @tatiana.andreeva it is the RS+ and the version is 2.16.2

Hi @ashley.walker,

I’ll try to reproduce and get back with the answer.

Hi @ashley.walker,

I haven’t managed to face the issue you described.
Usually, after I tap the Collect button, some time is required for the Accept button to become available. ReachView shows 0, 0, 0 coordinates at the moment. However, once the Accept button can be used, Reach provides the correct position.

Is this what you’ve experienced?

Hey @tatiana.andreeva that seems similar, however I seem to be able to press accept almost right away and at that point it saves to 0,0,0

Just had another thought, it might have been an issue with the iPhone app?.
I saw an update for the app come down the other night and will need to see if it still has the same behaviour.

Hi @ashley.walker,

We also pushed the v2.18.0 ReachView stable update.
If the issue remains with this version, let me know.

Separate but related issue; it would be nice if the project settings could be changed after creation, or at least somehow allow for occasional long observations despite the project settings. This is useful when you need to collect a lot of decent data, but then want a more accurate 5 or 10 minute observation for accurate control points.

Hi @RyanJMcGowan,

We’ll look into your suggestions. Thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

The point collection time in RTK doesn’t affect accuracy a lot. You hardly can get more accurate results with such a long observation.

Thank you Tatiana,
RTK may naturally have slight uncertainties due to satellite geometry. Long observations help by reducing the error ellipses. An even better technique is to return to a point and reobserve it after the geometry is much different, hours later or on another day. That would also be a great feature: Choose a point and add to its observation time.

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