Bug Report - Duplicate Point Names

Hello everyone,

We have a small bug report. Emlid’s are running 2.16.1

When have just been going insane and have just spotted this error in our logs/export:


As you can see, in the name column, there are 2 sets of points that are named the same. We usually import this column into our photogrametry software as we have descriptions attached to the names for specific points.

We think this occurred when 2 of us were in the GUI/app over wifi and were looking at the survey page/tab while one was taking the measurement (not sure why we were doing that, must have been when something odd was going on, and one was meant to be looking at the status page as the other logged.).

Small bug, and we can live with it now that we know about it, but in case anyone else goes mad with multiple of the same GCPs in their photogrametry software, this might be why.

Hi @ashley.walker,

Thanks for the report!

I agree that it might happen because you opened ReachView on 2 devices simultaneously.
We recommend open ReachView on a single device at a time.

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