Bug in RTKPOST ver.2.4.3 Emlid b28 using Combined?

I am doing PPK and using RTKPOST ver.2.4.3 Emlid b28 I always get better Fix percentage using either ‘Forward’ or ‘Backward’ compared to ‘Combined’ ‘Filter Type’.
Processing the same data using RTKPOST ver.2.4.3 demo5 b29c supplied by http://rtkexplorer.com/downloads/rtklib-code/ gives me the expected results, the ‘Combined’ solution has more Fix percentage than ‘Forward’ or ‘Backward’.

As a sidenote, for a big file I had to split the data using ‘Time Start / End’ using the ‘demo5 b29c’, while the ‘Emlid b28’ could handle the data in one run.

Hi @alujoe,

Thanks for your report. We’ll work on checking and improving combined method in our future RTKLIB releases. In the meantime, you can do post-processing in b29c if you prefer using combined.

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