Bug compression log file at startup


I notice a bug in your way to compress the log file (ubx in my case) at the startup of the reach m+.
If you unplug the device during the startup (when the reach is making the archive), the previous log can be corrupted. You should make the archive and then delete the log file, this can avoid to loose some precious log file.
Could you make a fix for that ?


Hi Emilien,

Thanks for noticing this!

We have software features that help avoid such issues. However, they may not work out in all cases. Hence, we recommend shutting down the receiver safely via software and don’t recommend unplugging it manually. You can press the receiver’s icon and turn it off as shown in the screenshot below:

UPD: reworked the response

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thanks for you answer. I agree that unplug the reach is not the ideal case, however, in our setup we do not have choice. In general, we never loose a log, this only happen when the reach is making the archive. It will be very nice if you can find a solution :slight_smile:


Please send us a dataset via support@emlid.com: usual and corrupted logs with raw data debug option. I’ll show them to the team to check what we can do to prevent damaging the log.