Bug and Improvements

EMLID RX: firmware 1.5

I inform that I have already reported this issue via email to support, but in the absence of a timely resolution, given that it concerns a problem in the paid version, and I am being affected daily by this issue, I am reaching out to the community: are you able to create lines on the Android platform from points entered manually or imported from a CSV file? Certainly, you cannot create lines for these points as demonstrated in the image.

Another issue, although not a bug, is the automatic selection of the first code in the code listing. This causes a problem because the user is unaware that the code is selected. The correct behavior should be to not select any code by default.

Continuing on the topic of codes, in Emlid 360, it should be possible to enter codes manually, not necessarily through CSV import. It is important to urgently correct these situations because they are features of the paid version. Each day that the bug persists results in losses, and I hope you understand the urgency.

Thank you.

Sara Aguiar