Bubble level through Reachview 3

Is this somewhere in Reachview ?I can not find…

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When you STAKEOUT a point.

any guide on how to find it?

It’s not a bubble.
When you have already collected a point, or entered it manually, you can go to that points exact location by using ‘stake out’. You’ll still have to manually level the rover using the sight bubble.
Its a nice system. Unfortunately at this stage there is no electronic level capability with Emlid and their software.


You’ll need a different $$$$$ brand such as Leica or below:

FieldGenius I think supports electronic bubble, tilt compensation features.

Been requested, not sure if it will be offered.

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Thanks guys

Does Reach View 3 now support this feature?

No. The hardware is there for it, but feature not implemented. Search tilt compensation for other posts about this.

Is shown in the stakeout function of the app?

As @pjengineering stated, its NOT a bubble level. It’s an indicator when you get closer to the stake point. But yes, easy to mistake as a bubble level if you havent used it.

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the delayed comments!

As @timd1971 said, the feature you see in the picture is stakeout. ReachView 3 supports it, and as Joe @pjengineering noted, to use it, you just need to choose the existing point in the survey project and press the Stake out button. It’ll help you find this point on the site.

The current interface of this feature in ReachView 3 is slightly different. However, we’re considering the comeback of the interface from the picture.

Reach receivers don’t support tilt compensation. I agree that it’s quite a useful feature. But it’s also as complex as useful. So we’re investigating how our devices can utilize it, and this research will take some time.

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