BT issue with RS2

the problem with bluetooth communication in rs2 is so common (there are so many threads on this topic) that I slowly say that the rs2 producer himself has no idea what is really going on with this communication. I have described my problem myself for some time and no one, even Emil’s Polish distributor, can deal with it.

So wifi is the best bet?

For the connection to work steadily, I have to have bluetooth and wifi turned on, but worst of all, the sim card must be inserted into the rs2 and not into the controller. when the sim is in rs2 and we have poor gsm fix coverage it is impossible to obtain why? transferring the SIM card to the controller and connecting via bluetooth makes the equipment lose the controller-antenna connection no data. this is not an isolated case, 3 sets of the same configuration with different software do not work stably. software on Surpad controllers.

Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

Bluetooth issues on different devices may have the same symptoms. However, their roots are usually different. The configurations, setup, firmware versions of all the devices have a part in the connection quality. Because of it, we’re considering each case with Bluetooth disconnections separately.

In the last firmware versions, we’ve improved the stability of the Bluetooth connection. We’ve thoroughly tested it on many devices, and the connection was stable. So please check that your Reach RS2 is on the latest 28.4 firmware version. If it doesn’t help, please tell me what OS is installed on your controller? What is the software that you’ve tried?

Full system report from the device may also give us more info about the disconnections’ nature. So please generate and share it to as well.

tell me how to make this log? how to set up Surpad to work with Lefebure? how to make rs2 connect via wifi without bluetooth. I do not have the strength for this device, the worst money spent. I would gladly give this equipment back, but the Polish distributor stopped talking, I am not the first case, 3 sets do not work as it should.

Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

At the moment, we don’t have confirmed issues with the Bluetooth connection with the Surpad software. That’s why I can hardly say something about your case without checking the logs from your receiver. Because of it, I’m asking you about the Full System report. To generate it, please:

  1. Install Reachview 3 app on your mobile phone. The app is free and available from Google Play
  2. Connect to the Reach RS2 using ReachView 3 app
  3. In ReachView 3, go to SettingsGeneralTroubleshootingSystem reportFull report
  4. Send generated report to

To confirm hardware malfunctions and replace the device, we also need to check the Full system report.

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