BT connection issue

hi guys,

I have been using the devices and had no issues for the past year, now all of a sudden, the rover failed to connect to bluetooth… any recommendation??? nor with wifi mode.

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Might be a good idea to include the type of receiver, firmware + type of device & OS


We are currently using the RS2, firmware 27 and running eField as the surveying app. OS is an Android device (Blackview BV9100, running on Android version 9). All of a sudden, we can not connect the device through BT connection, however we can pair both devices.

Secondly, i test it with an Iphone, (software version 15.4.1), the device was not found while scanning for new devices.

Hope the information provided is enough.

Hi, this could be useful to do the firmware update into v29.2.

Hi Hendrick,

I agree with Florian, it’s better to update the receivers to the latest stable version first. Please let me know whether it helps.

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