Brushless gimbal ESC selection

Hi folks!

A friend and I are trying to connect a brushless gimbal to the Navio2, but we are having a hard time trying to figure out what ESC should we buy for our brushless motors. We are not using any control board dedicated to the gimbal, because the Navio2 and the Ardupilot can do that perfectly well (we already tested a servo gimbal and it worked perfectly).

Do you have any recomendation?



Brushless gimbal need dedicated control board…

Servo gimbal, as you state, work directly from navio with ardupilot.

Gimbal control board is an integrated 3 esc (Yaw, Roll, Tilt) with sensors and software specially tailored to drive gimbal brushless motors.


Oh, thats unfortunate. I thought we could use the same Navio outputs and just adapt them to the brushless gimbal. Thanks very much for your answer!

The problem with an integrated (at gimbal level) stabilization circuit is that we are loosing some functions vs. a gimbal directly controled by the Navio. For example, controlling the camera orientation with the GCS, and point continuosly to a defined object at ground, move the camera at certain points of my planned route, etc. So, cost and functionalities can be better for a Navio controlled gimbal.

Not really true: Gimbal card receive input orders from Navio (Tilt, Roll and Yaw if needed).

So with RC commands you can move Tilt or/and Roll.

Navio, can point the Camera to a target (DO_SET_ROI) and also send Trigger order to the camera.


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