Broken phone and new one with wrong hotspot

A couple of years working with my RS2 smooth and easy, connecting to my phone via hotspot on 2,4 GHz band. Connect to reach, set the NTRIP and start measuring or seting up points with Survey Master app.
Recently my phone fall and broken screen so bought a new Redmi Note 12 with MIUI 14. Configured the same hotspot but RS2 didn’t connect so started to investigate and voilà, the new phone only casts the wifi hotspot on the 5GHz band and thats why the RS2 it’s not connecting.
Any ideas of how access and work with the new phone? Installing a SIM with data connection guess won’t solve the problem because can’t access to Reach at the beginning of the working flow, right?
Thanks in advance for any ideas :pray:

If you want to change the access point band of the access point created click on “AP Band”.

Wi-Fi hotspot band Android

You can choose between the 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz band, it is possible that your device shows other options, this will depend on the software version or the region of your search Xiaomi Redmi Note 12search Redmi Note 12.

The 5 Ghz band is usually less saturated and offers a better connection for short distances and the 2.4 Ghz band, despite being more saturated, since other Wi-Fi networks are usually configured in this band, it is better to connect long distance.

Edit Wi-Fi hotspot band Android


Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately that option in my new phone with MIUI 14 has disappeared! That’s the point, with the other phone I set it on 2,4 GHz but now that option is gone. Have a look to my screenshot.

Oh no. That’s interesting because that’s a feature that Android 14 added on some phones.

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We have a similar phone at the office, so I’ve just checked: I’ve noticed that @michaelL was right. The option is there, but only if I first disable the Wi-Fi connection on the phone. I suppose that if you’re already connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can only create a hotspot on the same band. But if you’re not connected to another network, you can decide on which band to create the hotspot.

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Thank you all!
Luckily I solved the problem and was much easiar than I thought. On monday I bought the new phone and configured everything so I could work but after all the system updates and starting over, didn’t restart it. This morning restarted the phone and the option magically appeared so set the hot spot on 2,4GHz and problem solved.
Thanks again for your interest.

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