Broken Intel Edison replacement

I have broken Intel Edison on one of Emlid Reach RTK modules, which I use. I have already tested it by replacing with Edison from functioning module (so I am 100% sure that I need replacement). As I understand - I can replace one from Emlid module with any other Edison bought from ebay, for example? There is no revisions, different versions and etc.? Also, can I buy just compute module (without any kit), connect it with Reach RTK board and flash it with Emlid’s firmware? Are there any nuances, which I do not realize?

Hi @mkungaa,

Are you sure that there’s nothing to do with it?
Maybe I could help you if it’s a software problem?

As for the replacement, yes, you can buy new Edison and flash it with our image. It should work just fine with the Reach board.

I can see that Edison’s PCB is a little bent on the corner. Reach module refused to work after survey pole fell down on asphalt. So I am pretty sure that reason of malfunction is mechanical damage.

I see. Thank you. Just ordered Edison from ebay. I hope it will work out.

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Hi @mkungaa,

Keep us updated with the replacement result.
Hope it will return Reach to life :slightly_smiling_face:

I have replaced Edison and flashed it with firmware. Everything works perfectly. Also I have 3d-printed case for Emlid instead of shrink wrap. Should have done earlier…

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