Broadcasting of RS2 base data via LORAwan

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Is it possible to work with RS2 in base mode and send the corecction data via LORA to a LORAwan gateway, and broadcast theese corrections, so all the rovers under gateway´s covetage could receibe the corrections?

This would be an alternative to NTRIP in areas with poor internet coverage.

Not sure. I know Emlid uses some proprietary stuff with their LoRa radio. You would not be able to connect to just any 3rd party LoRa radio with the Emlid radio. I asked about this as I wanted to receive RTK corrections on a 3rd party monitor via a LoRa radio connected to it and was told no it will not work. I would have to use either 3DR or RFD900 radios

All radios of the same name/frequency do not talk to all radios of the same name/frequency due to the manufacture of the equipment adding their “tweak” to the system.

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I would think it would work the same way as NTRIP. Probably just use the NTRIP method in RV3. Your gateway method works the same way. I’ve done this before using this methodology with other receivers.
Never have tried with RS2 yet. It’s just a simple repeater method to repeat the corrections if your base is in a valley area. You can place the repeater on the mountain top to get corrections on the other side.

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As @jp-drain-sol correctly mentioned above, the described setup is most likely not possible due to hardware and software incompatibilities. You can check my answer to a similar question down below.


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